What are the options for end-customers to setup eMandates RBI requirements?

Modified on: Wed, 6 Oct, 2021 at 6:50 PM


What should we do so that the end-customer is not facing problems because of this e-mandate?


The new e-mandate regulatory changes by RBI have some impact on recurring payment instructions. You can do the following steps so that your customers don't face any challenges. 

Option 1: When Payment failure happens - use PayNow links and trigger dunning workflow

Option 2: customer can setup mandate from Chargebee Customer Portal


Payment failure - Paynow and dunning workflow

- When a payment fails due to this mandated requirement, it will be taken through the dunning process as any normal payment failure

- As a part of the dunning workflow, the end customers will be notified via email with the Paynow link as per configured the dunning emails

- End customers can use the Paynow link to complete payment for payment due invoice and also set the mandate behind the scenes

- If the end customer has payment due invoices from more than one subscription, then they will have to group the invoices belonging to one subscription first and pay for it so that mandates can be properly created and associated with that subscription

- If they pay invoices across subscriptions, then mandate will not be setup

Chargebee Customer Portal

- This is useful for end customers looking to proactively set up mandates.

- End customers can log in to their Customer Portal.

- They will get to see a list of all subscriptions that they have brought.

- Against each subscription, we will be displaying a tag if a mandate is needed.

- End customers can go into each subscription and set up a mandate for them

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