Does Chargebee use ACH Pull or ACH Push?

Modified on: Wed, 29 Sep, 2021 at 10:34 AM


What does Chargebee ACH use? Push or Pull?


Credit transfer is a push-based payment method where the end customer will push the fund to your bank account. Generally, we use pull-based payment methods where merchant tries to charge customers Credit/debit cards or wallet or bank account.


Why Credit Transfers?

In General, Credit transfer automates the process of bank transfer offline transaction reconciliation. The problem in recording bank transfers is that, if multiple customers paid invoices using bank transfer and it will be difficult for the accounting team, to identify which customer has paid to which invoice, etc by looking into bank statements. So what Credit transfer does is it will create a virtual account for each of the customers mapped individually so that whenever a fund is pushed to that virtual account it is easy to identify which customer has paid the amount.

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