What is an invoice and how is it generated?

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What is an invoice? How do I invoice my customer?


An Invoice is a document issued by the business to its customer, detailing out the services and/or products sold to them. It creates an obligation for the buyer to pay. It lists the items sold, their quantities, and the amount payable for each of them. 


An invoice typically provides the following details:

  • Details of the seller
  • Details of the buyer
  • Items sold, the corresponding quantity and unit price of each item
  • Taxes or discounts
  • The net amount payable by the buyer

Chargebee automates the entire process of invoicing, starting from a new subscription sign up, when the invoice is created, to all payments made between the merchant and buyer. Email notifications can be sent out as well, informing buyers of the transaction status.

The Invoices tab lists all the invoices that have been generated, with details of the invoice number, invoice status (Paid, Payment Due, etc.), credits applied, customer details, invoice date, invoice amount, retry attempt, etc.
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Note: Total Amount due for a specific customer
We have updated our summary box to provide a more streamlined and elegant user experience. With this upgrade, hyperlinks have been added to the summary box, allowing users to easily access related information. The Total Amount Due on Summary Section is available at the top of the Customer details page which provides a total amount due of a customer and hyperlink that directs to the details. Refer to this link for more details. 

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