What are all the bulk operations for Payment Method?

Modified on: Wed, 8 Sep, 2021 at 3:53 PM

Bulk Operations allow you to perform an action for multiple records in one go. It uses a CSV upload method for inputs, which will contain a list of the new data (with the desired changes) that you’d like to perform and Chargebee will perform the change from the back end. Chargebee offers a number of bulk operations to perform different actions on your Chargebee resources. 

Following are the actions that you can perform in bulk for the Payment method. 
- Create using a permanent token

- Update a card payment method

- Switch gateway account for a payment method

- Export payment source

- Delete Payment Method from Chargebee

If you are looking at moving card details from one billing system to Chargebee then please raise a migration request. Click here to know more about this. 

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