How to validate the login of a user for the website using Chargebee's login credentials?

Modified on: Tue, 10 Aug, 2021 at 5:22 PM

This is indeed possible. Chargebee allows you to integrate your custom self-service portal by building user authentication on top of Chargebee. If you would want to allow access to parts of your website only to subscribers (like a paywall), you can integrate Chargebee's authentication without having to handle it from your end.

When customers are led to your custom self-service portal from your website, redirect them to the Login URL:

The following parameters should be passed along with the Login URL:

  • return_url - The URL that users should be redirected to upon successful authentication.
  • cancel_url - The URL that users should be redirected to when they want to go back to your website during login.

The domain name used in the Return/Cancel URL should be added as a 'Allow-list Domain' in Chargebee. Add just the domain name in Chargebee and not the entire URL: E.g.

Upon successful authentication, a portal session is created for the user and Chargebee redirects the user to the return_url along with the following parameters:

  • auth_session_id - Identifier to the authenticated session.
  • auth_session_token - Token for the session which should be sent later to activate this session.

With the auth_session_id & auth_session_token parameters, using Activate a Portal Session API, validate the session details and create a session for that user in your website.

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