Search customers using email id or phone number

Modified on: Wed, 26 Apr, 2023 at 8:33 PM


How to search customers using phone numbers?

How to search customers using email ID?


This can be done by using the filter option on the Customer and Subscription page. 

Go to customer page in Chargebee app -> Click on 'Choose Attribute' -> Select 'Email' or 'Phone' based on the type of search results you want -> Select the word 'Contains' or 'equals' -> Enter the email or phone number to be searched. The respective results will be displayed.

Note: On the recent UI enhancement you can now scroll the index pages - Customers, Subscriptions, Invoices, and Credit Notes vertically. Earlier, the pages will be paginated which may prolong your search however with the new enhancement as you scroll down the list it will load all other data in a single page as highlighted below on the screenshot. Refer to this link for more information. 

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