How to view, copy & edit the Customer ID?

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Reason for not able to delete/Edit the Customer ID

Is it not possible to Delete/ Edit the Customer ID? If yes then why?

How to edit the customer ID of an existing customer?

How to view the Customer ID?

How to copy the Customer ID?


As per the product functionality, you can set the customer ID according to your preferences, but once the customer is created, you cannot edit the customer ID. Also, with the recent UI enhancement, you can view and copy the Customer ID from the Customer Index Page itself. 


View/Copy Customer ID

Previously, on the customer page, if the length of the Customer ID was longer, it created a blank space in the Customer ID column, leading to a longer table. Now we have trimmed the Customer ID to adjust the length of the column width. We have also provided the copy icon to copy the entire Customer ID. You can also use this feature to copy a longer Customer ID that is not fully visible.

Edit Customer ID

For existing customers, you can edit all the customer information (email, first name, last name, company, etc.) except for customer ID. You can even edit the payment options, language, preferred currency, and auto-collection status. 

For existing customers, it is not possible to edit or remove the Customer ID.

It is because customer ID is strongly attached to subscriptions, events, invoices, transactions, credit notes, internal logs, and 3rd party integrations if present, and changing or removing it would break the system. 

In your Chargebee user interface, go to the customer for whom you need bank payment-enabled and click Edit Customer found on the Action panel. Then, select the option as shown below:


Unfortunately, once a customer record is created, the customer ID of the said record gets locked in, our database; due to which it cannot be modified/ changed. Essentially, the moment a customer ID gets allocated at the time of creation, the ID gets locked in and is currently not a field that can be updated/ edited post-customer creation. 

Since we do not permit changing customer IDs, to tackle this you would have to create the customer records in Chargebee with new IDs. 

1. Take a backup of the customer records (and associated subscriptions) in Chargebee 

2. Delete the customer records in Chargebee

3. You would then have to create new customer records in Chargebee with the correct customer IDs. 

4. You would then need to import or create the associated subscription records + associated invoices and transactions by making use of the bulk operations available in Chargebee. 

In order to simplify this process, we have a dedicated migration team, that can help you re-import the data (with the correct customer ID) into Chargebee. The process is seamless, and our migration team will take care of importing the data accurately back to Chargebee. To avail of their service, you simply need to:

In your Chargebee app, click Settings > Import and Export Data > Raise a migration request.

Once this is done, our dedicated migration engineer will get in touch with you and help you migrate or import the subscription data for the newly created customer in Chargebee. 

Here's more on migration

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