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Modified on: Mon, 31 Oct, 2022 at 12:17 PM


Reason for Not able to delete/Edit the Customer ID

Is it not possible to Delete/ Edit the Customer ID? If yes then why?

How to edit the customer ID of an existing customer?


For existing customers, you can edit all the customer info (email, firstname, lastname, company, etc) except for customer ID. You can even edit the payment options, language, preferred currency, and auto-collection status. 

For existing customers, it is not possible to edit or remove the Customer ID.

It is because customer ID is strongly attached to subscriptions, events, invoices, transactions, credit notes, internal logs, and 3rd party integrations if present, and changing or removing it would break the system. 

In your Chargebee user interface, go to the customer for whom you need bank payment enabled and click Edit Customer found on the Action panel. Then, select the option as shown below:

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