How to delete a coupon?

Modified on: Sun, 27 Jun, 2021 at 10:11 PM

Coupons can be deleted or archived. This depends on whether the coupon has been redeemed or not.

To delete or archive a coupon, select the coupon and then click Delete Coupon.

When you delete a coupon that has no redemptions, the coupon gets completely removed from the system, and it does not appear on the list of coupons either. You can reuse a coupon name to create a new coupon if needed.

- Reusing a coupon name and coupon id is only possible if the original coupon has never been redeemed, renamed or completely deleted. If a coupon has been "Archived", the same coupon name/id cannot be re-used.
- You can delete/archive multiple coupons in Chargebee in one-shot. To do this, go to Product Catalog > Coupons, select the coupons to be deleted and click the Delete button that appears above the list.

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