We only ship products to our customers during a certain time of the month (or particular day of the month). How can this be setup?

Modified on: Tue, 15 Jun, 2021 at 2:14 AM

Consider selling a 6-month subscription for monthly magazine issues for which you wish to bill your customers on the 25th of the month and ship issues on the 10th, every month. Further, based on when the customer signs up during the month, say you wish to ship the first issue as follows (subject to payment):

Sign-up PeriodShipping Day for the First Issue
1st - 10th10th
11th - 15thSame as payment day
16th - end of the month10th of next month

Moreover, if the payment for the subscription is delayed beyond say, 15th, you wish to cancel the first shipment.

Then you would configure Chargebee as follows:

  1. Enable calendar billing with

    • Calendar billing date: 25th
    • Billing cutoff date: 15th
  2. Configure Chargebee Orders as:

    • Shipping date: 10th
    • Shipping cutoff: 15th

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