The addon trial details are not reflecting when I cancelled and reactivated the subscription

Modified on: Tue, 15 Jun, 2021 at 12:58 AM

The addon trial could be lost due to two reasons:

  • The subscription was cancelled and reactivated out-of term (in dunning mode)
  • The subscription was cancelled and reactivated manually

Subscription Cancellation and Reactivation (Dunning)

 When subscriptions are canceled due to the dunning rules that are set, addons on trial will follow suit.
However, there are two scenarios to be taken into account during the reactivation of the subscription:

1. In-term Reactivation

If the subscription is reactivated before the renewal date/time of the subscription, then the addon will continue to function upon reactivation. There will not be a change in the trial end date/time set originally.

2. Out-of-term Reactivation

If the subscription is reactivated after the date/time of renewal, the term of the addon will be reset and the trial will be no longer applicable. The customer will have to pay for the subscription and the addons, regardless of the completion of the trial period.

Subscription Cancellation/Reactivation (Manual)

When a subscription is canceled manually, the subscription term is not retained. The addons on trial linked to the same subscription will be canceled.

When the same subscription is reactivated, the subscription as well as the addons will move on to Active state and will be charged in full.

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