How is "Clear Personal Data" different from "Delete Customer"?

Modified on: Mon, 14 Jun, 2021 at 7:13 PM

Clear Personal Data is designed to allow you to enact your data privacy policies by giving you a way to purge sensitive customer information from defunct customer records. The Delete Customer action implies Clear Personal Data and additionally removes the customer record from the web interface.

Here are some finer points of difference between the two actions:

Clear Personal Data

Delete Customer

Permanently deletes selected personal information from the customer record.

Permanently deletes selected personal information and clears the customer record from the web interface but retains it in the database. The event logs are available on the web interface even after this action.

No aggregate revenue metrics are affected by this action.

Aggregate metrics are affected.

Can only be done for eligible customer records.

Any customer record is eligible for this action.

The information is deleted for good and cannot be retrieved.

Special [link api customers#list_customers_include_deleted]API provision[] exists to fetch information that has not been permanently deleted under the action.

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