What are the limitations of account hierarchy?

Modified on: Sat, 12 Jun, 2021 at 10:42 PM

  • Account Hierarchy is not supported if Xero integration is enabled.
  • You cannot send quotes to child accounts for which the payment or invoicing responsibilities have been transferred to a parent account. You can send quotes to individual customers and customers who only have a reporting relationship with the parent account.
  • Child accounts who have transferred payment/invoicing responsibilities to a parent account will not be able to send gift subscriptions. Individual customers and child accounts who only have a reporting relationship with the parent account can continue to send Gift Subscriptions.
  • If you have enabled location validation (for European customers), subscription creation/renewals will fail as the address on the invoice and the card won't match.
  • If a parent account is detected as fraud using Stripe Radar, you will have the option to cancel the parent's subscriptions. Subscriptions of the child accounts will have to be deleted manually.
  • Customer information will not be accurate when parent and child accounts are different, hence the orders will also reflect inaccurate billing and shipping information. It is recommended to migrate to the latest version of Orders to use Account Hierarchy.

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