Can I send a customised note on the email on subscribing to a particular plan?

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Customize email based on the plan purchased

I would like to know how I can choose to whom the invoice email is to be sent?


For Scale plan or above plan customers

Yes, that can be done through the manage segments feature in Chargebee.
You can navigate to the Email Notifications option ( under configure Chargebee ) and select the "Onboarding email" option under the subscription management.

There you can edit the Active Subscriptions and go over to manage segments.

Now, the benefit of the manage segments is that instead of sending these first subscription emails to all the subscriptions, you can filter the segment as per the particular plan or any other plausible filter you would like to combine.

For the Launch and Rise plan customers

The feature to segment the customers will not be available for your plan but you can use the mail merge field option to achieve the same goal.

To display the content/note only while using a specific plan, the conditions can be used to display text only when those values are met. If the field contains a value, then the content inside the block will be displayed. '#' indicates that the condition to be checked has to be true. '/' indicates the end of the field block.

For example- in below screenshot the text -  "Since you are in the basic plan you have only email support." will only be displayed  if the plan value is "Scenario1"

You can have other customizations as well to filter the content out. Refer to mail merge usage to know more about the same.

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