How to get event contents from Chargebee's UI?

Modified on: Tue, 8 Jun, 2021 at 5:01 PM

To get accustomed to the event contents from Chargebee UI and to decide if the customer is owed credits, you will need to follow the steps:

  • Navigate to the Subscription. 
  • Select the Subscription that needs to be verified
  • Scroll down to the History section where you will find the Events tab.   
  • From here, open the line item for “Subscription activated” 
  • Select “Show V2 Content”
    1. From here, you can use the following fields to identify if this subscription should have the credits applied:
      • Coupon – The coupon field will be visible and would reflect the coupon you applied for this Plan.
      • Invoice – Refer to the “status”. 
  • Refer to this video.
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