Stripe SEPA via API

Modified on: Wed, 31 Mar, 2021 at 10:17 PM

This article covers 

How to setup checkout via API for SEPA payments


This article details the workflow of checkout via API for SEPA payments in Chargebee:


  1. Create a checkout URL using the checkout new or existing subscription API 

  2. Pass the URL in Chargebee.JS to open the checkout as a modal popup.

  3. Set checkout callbacks using Chargebee.JS 

    1. When the checkout process is successful the 'success' callback is triggered.

  4. In the 'success' callback, pass the hosted page ID to your backend server, which is used in the Retrieve a hosted page ID API to fetch the payment source ID for the customer. 

  1. Use this ID to retrieve the Direct Debit agreement using the retrieve direct debit agreement PDF API.

  2. The retrieve agreement API response will contain the URL where the Direct Debit agreement is hosted.

  3. Pass this to the Chargebee.JS to load the agreement in the modal popup.

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