This customer's location couldn't be validated as required by the new EU VAT 2015 rules

Modified on: Wed, 31 Mar, 2021 at 1:04 PM

Step1: Locate such customers.
You could filter the customer whose address is not validated by using the filter "Is location valid" "is not" "true".
This filter would give you the list of all customers whose location is not validated according to EU VAT rules. 

When you open the customer record you would see a banner as in the screenshot below.

Step 2: 

The information about how to handle this is available in the document I shared in my previous email. I will share it here again.

If you are using API so you would have to pass the data for verification using API.

Customer's IP Address:
  • API: If you use the Chargebee API, you have to pass the IP Address of the customer to Chargebee using the User Details Header  API.
Card BIN of the Customer:
The first six digits of a card carries the Bank Identification Number (BIN). BIN gives us the information about the card-issuing bank and hence can be used as a way to determine the customer's location.
  • API: If you use the Chargebee API, you have to pass the BIN of the customer using the card [number] parameter in the Create a customer  API.

Step 3: 

Check if all the customers who were not imported but created via API have their validation status as false. 

You could send them the update payment method link and ask them to update their card from their corresponding countries which would then update the IP and the BIN numbers.

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