Chargeback automation isn't working

Modified on: Mon, 22 Mar, 2021 at 11:40 PM


Chargeback automation is not working for a few invoices

Chargeback is not working for an invoice that is a part of a consolidated invoice. 

There are two major reasons for chargeback automation to fail. Prerequisite and some categories of invoices. 

One of the important prerequisites for chargeback automation to work is to configure webhooks for your gateway. Ensure the webhooks are configured. 

Chargeback automation currently has a few limitations. Please check if the invoice for which Chargeback isn't working, falls under one of the following categories

  • When an invoice has a credit note associated with it.
  • Partial disputes associated with Consolidated invoicing.
  • Partial disputes related to a single payment (transaction) that is made to collect the amount for multiple invoices (using the Pay now option).
  • Disputes associated with Gift Subscription.

In the above case, it is recommended to manually record the refund. 

Note: Chargeback automation is currently available for Enterprise plans only. 

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