How can you resend a failed email?

Modified on: Tue, 5 Jul, 2022 at 7:49 PM

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Resending the bulk email notifications for bounced emails


If you want to resend email notifications in bulk to all the emails that are bounced after making certain changes to their settings, currently it can only be achieved for individual emails. 


Go to logs -> email logs -> select the email that needs to be resent. Click on the forward link

At present, Under logs>> email logs we have an option “resend” as in the below screenshot which can be used to resend email notifications in bulk for the emails that failed, however, the “resend” option becomes disabled when we want to send bulk emails to bounced emails(the reason behind this is bounced emails are mostly bounced due to wrong email ID and in while triggering the bulk emails resend operation we can not define the forward email).

The solution for this use case is, that you have to open each bounced email and resend it by mentioning the forward email

Unfortunately, we don't have an option at the moment to trigger bulk emails for bounced emails.

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