How do we set up a payment reminder for failed payments?

Modified on: Tue, 21 Feb, 2023 at 7:45 PM


I want to send automatic reminders for failed payments

I want to manually collect failed payments and send emails to them. 

Email trigger for Smart Dunning

You can enable and customize the payment reminder emails by navigating to  Settings-> Configure Chargebee -> configure Emails -> Go to the revenue recovery section

If dunning is enabled for online/offline payment, then go to the respective section and enable the email notifications.

If dunning is disabled or you want to manually send payment reminder emails then go to Configure Chargebee -> Configure Emails -> revenue recovery section -> 'Payment Failure' -> enable Manual payment collection failure. 


To send dunning emails ensure the dunning options are enabled and configured. Click on the toggle button to enable email reminders. 

Dunning emails are available for online recurring invoices, online one-time invoices as well as offline recurring invoices. 

The emails are triggered depending upon the dunning period configured in your Chargebee site and the smart retries will take place as it is configured. The longer the dunning period, the longer the time taken before the final action is executed if all the retries fail. 

The shorter the period, the shorter the time is taken for the final action to execute. So it depends as per the configurations.

Manual payment collection failure emails can be configured to be sent to different recipients based on your specific scenario. You can add more notifications by clicking on the 'Add Notification' button on the Payment failure settings page. 

Note: Dunning emails will be sent out as per the dunning retry frequency configured in the emails.

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