Is metered billing site level or can I customize it for a few plans alone?

Modified on: Tue, 4 May, 2021 at 10:00 PM


Metered Billing feature in Product Catalog 2.0 allows set site-wide setting for metered billing under Configure Chargebee. Since Product Catalog 2.0 allows the merchant to create multiple plans for multiple product families, there is always a possibility of non-metered plans being a part of the business. So, the merchant needs to choose if the plan is metered or non-metered. 


Once you enable the Metered Billing option at the site level, there is an option to create the plan as a metered or non-metered. Every time you attempt to create a new plan, the below options are seen

It is important to check this box if it is metered and if not, leave it blank. Once all the other details are entered, click on the ‘Create’ button. 

WarningOnce the plan is created, the metered billing setting cannot be edited later.

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