Can I collect advance payment from customers for multiple months and do the billing monthly or quarterly?

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Is it possible that a customer could subscribe and pay say $50 per month, but that is held as a credit on their account, and when they make a purchase, we deduct the purchase from that credit?


We do support adding credits for your customers. We currently support two options:

1. Excess payments: 

Navigate to the particular customer record in Chargebee and choose the record payment option available on the action panel.


If the amount has been recorded, it will be added as an ‘Excess Payment’ at the customer level. This will then automatically be applied to future invoices. It can also be manually applied to the existing Not Paid or Payment Due invoices of the customer. 

2. Promotional credits:

These credits are provided to the customer for promoting the product. You can use promotional credits to offer referral bonuses, cashback offers, etc. When a customer has promotional credits, it is automatically applied whenever a new invoice is created. These credits are not stored as a Credit Note in Chargebee. You can view them at a customer level.


You can add or deduct promotional credits via the web interface or API. 

Note: The charge has to be manually added at the customer level. We currently do not support online payment for these types of payments.


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