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How to add a base fee for my metered plan in product catalog 2.0?

I don't need a base fee for my metered plan in product catalog 2.0. How to do it?


The metered billing allows you to charge your customers based on their usage: more like a postpaid plan. In the feature release of metered billing 2.0, the current calculation of metered billing is done by multiplying the usage quantity with the amount assigned. In such a case you needn't set a base fee for the plan. There is also a business use case where a base fee is set and additional charges are calculated based on usage. 


Metered billing 2.0 allows both plans and recurring addons to be set as 'Metered'. Using a combination of this we can achieve both the use cases mentioned below. 

Note: Ensure metered billing 2.0 is enabled for your Chargebee site. Refer to this for configuring metered billing on your site.  For all Product Catalog 2.0 sites the default version available is Metered billing 2.0. 

Use-case A: Metered billing without base fee

For this use case, follow the steps given below

Step 1: Create a metered plan with any pricing model. 

Step 2: Add usages and generate the invoice. 

Use-case B: Metered billing plan with a base fee

For example, A membership plan needs a base fee of $20 every month, and then the charges are added based on the usage of services. 

Invoice Amount = Base fee + (Addon Price x Usage added)

For this use-case, follow the steps given below

Step 1: Create a non-metered plan with the flat-fee model. This is the base fee.

Step 2: Create a metered addon and attach it to the non-metered plan. This addon helps to calculate the usage. 

Step 3: Add usages to the metered addon.

Please note that the sites on the Product Catalog 1.0 version may have the Metered billing 1.0 version. The customisation mentioned above is not available on the Metered billing 1.0 version. If you want to enable metered billing version 2, please reach out to support by navigating to the "Need help?" section within the app and clicking "Ask IRIS the help bot" to create a ticket. 

the The difference between the Metered billing 1.0 version and 2.0 version is that the settings mentioned below will be available in only in the 2.0 version and not in the 1.0 version. 

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