How can I merge two customer records in Chargebee?

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I accidentally created a duplicate customer record but that has payment-related information. How do I merge it to the other customer record in Chargebee? 

I have created a Customer record with the desired ID, how do I merge the pre-existing customer record to the new one? 


You can merge two customer records using a bulk operation named 'Merge two customer child resources'

This operation is enabled on-demand in your Chargebee Live site by contacting Here’s how you can test and use the operation:

  1. Go to Settings ^<* Import & Export Data ^<* Choose a Bulk Operation ^<* Showing = Customers 

^<*Merge two customer child resources ^<* Proceed ^<* Download Sample CSV

  1. Give the 'From' and 'To' customer IDs for the merge --> Save it as a CSV

  1. Upload the CSV file in Chargebee

The same is available as 
Merge Customers via API upon enabling. 

Points to note: 

  • This action moves the source ('from') customer's payment methods, subscriptions, invoices, credit notes, transactions, unbilled charges, orders to the target ('to') customer

  • Events and email logs will not be moved

  • This execution is asynchronous

  • The returned customer object is the 'to' customer/target customer object

  • The source customer record will still remain in Chargebee unless manually deleted 

  • If you’re on the Rise plan, and both your customer records have 1 payment method type each (eg. 1 credit card in each record) then you’d obtain an error, 'Upgrade to a higher plan to use this API. Please contact'. To proceed without upgrading, you will have to remove a credit card from either of the customer records.

Warning: Merge operations are not easily reversible. It is highly recommended to try it on your Test site first and contact to enable it on your live site. 

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