How do I receive a notification when a customer signs up for a trial?

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Chargebee notifications setting allows email only when the first invoice is raised for the customer. How do I set up one for trial signup? 

I want to be notified when a customer signs up for a trial


Sometimes for various reasons, the merchant would like to be notified when a customer signs up for a subscription especially, when they sign up for a trial. Usually, email notifications are sent when the invoices are generated but for trial, there is no invoice hence no email notification is received in this scenario. There are multiple ways to go about getting this notification. 


Setting up email notifications 

You can configure 'Onboarding Emails' to be sent as soon as customers subscribe (trial subscriptions included). This will be sent to your customers, and you can also add your email in CC/BCC in the email notification. Go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications. Open the required email notification and choose the Add Cc/Bcc recipients option :

Setting up notifications externally

You can check out our Slack integration here. You can set up notifications to be sent to a Slack Channel based on events occurring in Chargebee, such as subscription creation, cancellations, etc.

This is how it would show up in your Slack channel :

You can connect Chargebee to any other application of your interest via Zapier and set up actions based on Subscription Created Events. Please find more here.

You can also set up a Webhook endpoint to your application if you're able to programmatically read the data sent from Chargebee. Please find more on events and webhooks here.

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