How do I find how a specific change was made to a Customer or Subscription and by whom?

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A subscription change was made. I want to find how.


Often you would like to understand why a particular invoice was raised for a subscription/invoice. Questions like why was an addon/coupon added/removed and who did the changes are all answered from the Activity Log or events associated. Just scroll down on the record in question and you’ll find the Activity Log

You can also expand on Events under a Customer and identify the Source

Legend :




Admin console


A particular user of Chargebee has made the change


API key name

Custom implementation, or integrations such as Zapier, Salesforce

Hosted page


Chargebee’s checkout, update payment method page



The customer has made the change from the self-serve portal

Bulk operation

User email 

Change resulting in bulk operation

Scheduled job


Expected Automations of Chargebee (eg. Subscription renewal)

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