Why can’t I remove an email ID from Sender profiles in Chargebee?

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I have ensured that none of the enabled notifications uses an email Id. Why can’t I still remove it? I don’t want it to be used. 

Remove a verified “from address” from Chargebee
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The Sender profile determines which “From Address” is used in your email notifications to your customers. You can have multiple “From Address” that can be set at each individual email notification in Chargebee. 

If you no longer wish to use a particular Sender Profile in Chargebee or wish to change the default “From” address used by Chargebee to another. Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee> Email notifications > Manage From Addresses and click the “Delete icon” next to the ID: 

If you are unable to delete the profile, it’s likely being used on another email or the Master template.

If you receive the following message and are unable to remove the address:

1. Navigate to the
Master Template and change the From address.

2. Change to a Different Address:

3. Now you’ll be able to Delete from the list of “From Addresses”

Note: The Sender profile in the Master template is used to send “OTP” emails to your customers for Self-serve portal. Should you wish to change this id, you can follow the steps above.

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