Why am I asked to set up an account when I am accepting an invite for my organisation?

Modified on: Thu, 8 Oct, 2020 at 11:22 AM


When you are accepting an invitation to an existing Chargebee site, you might be directed to set up a new Chargebee account. This happens when you have already signed up for a Chargebee account in the past and have not yet completed the setup process. The system identifies your email address and directs you to complete the setup. All you need to do is complete the setup process by providing a domain name (for the site you created earlier and it will not affect the site you are being invited to) and creating your password. Once you have done this you can accept the invite to the new account.

Note: The account you created (the older site) will be on a trial and will automatically cancel at the end of the trial period and you will not be charged.


To complete the setup process there are 2 ways

  1. Click the “accept the invitation” button to initiate the process

    1. To set up your password & Domain 

    2. Go back to the invitation email and click it again to accept the invite

  2. You can go to “https://app.chargebee.com/login” 

    1. Click the forgot password

    2. Enter your email

    3. You will receive an activation email complete the activation

    4. Go back to the invitation email and click it again to accept the invite

You can choose to cancel the old account, Click Here to know-how.

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