What should I do with the “Review potentially fraudulent customers” email that I received from Chargebee

Modified on: Wed, 7 Oct, 2020 at 7:54 AM

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Why am I receiving the review fraudulent customers email?

How does Stripe Radar work?


You will receive the above email notification from Chargebee to review suspicious customer(s). This email is an exclusive Stripe (gateway) specific function that lets you view the transactions of the customers that are marked as suspicious/fraudulent based on the information returned by Stripe.

Note: Every Chargebee transaction that goes through Stripe's payment gateway will be evaluated by the Stripe Radar.

What you can do?

A transaction marked as ‘Suspicious’ by Stripe Radar, will reflect in your Chargebee App which in turn sends you an email notification about it.

You can review the suspicious transaction with the navigation provided on your email and “Mark it as Safe” if you find the transaction genuine or click “Confirm and Refund” if you find the transaction fraudulent.

To know more about reviewing suspicious transactions click here.

If you personally wish to monitor customer level security based on Stripe Radar's notifications for the future, Go to Chargebee Dashboard, Settings > Configure Chargebee > Billing LogiQ > Fraud Monitor Settings and choose to “Display alerts on fraud detection at customer level”. To know more, click here.

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