How do I lock premium content while using Chargebee’s plugin for WordPress?

Modified on: Tue, 6 Oct, 2020 at 10:34 AM

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Can I implement a paywall on my site using Chargebee’s plugin for WordPress?


The paywall is a way of hiding/locking your site's premium content that is reserved for subscribers. With Chargebee's plugin for WordPress, you can control content based on the customer’s subscribed plan. To know more click here

You can also integrate Chargebee’s plans on your website using the drop-in script method. This will allow the Chargebee plans to pop up when the customer clicks on the subscribe button on your website screen following which your customer proceeds to the checkout on your webpage.

Here is a video on how this pop up of plans work on your webpage. 

In the video, assume the first page as your webpage and by clicking "view" you can experience how a customer would see the checkout page when the "subscribe" or "buy now" button is clicked on your website.

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