How to configure the checkout pages in Chargebee?

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Configuring checkout using Chargebee js.

Checkout API

Chargebee’s PCI-compliant checkout pages can be used to collect customer information, and payment details and create a subscription during the sign-up process. The latest version of the checkout is an in-app modal box that can be added to your website so customers enter payment information without having to leave your website.

There are 2 ways to integrate the checkout page with your system:

  1. Drop-in Script

  • The drop-in script uses Chargebee’s ready-to-use Chargebee js to embed the checkout on your website. This method requires minimal development effort and the security is taken care of by us since the checkout pages are PCI compliant.

  • To integrate the checkout page using this option, navigate to Product Catalog > Plans > Select a Plan > Grab code OR

  • Or, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Portal > Integrate with Chargebee and copy the code.

  • Copy the Chargebee js in the header of your webpage and add the checkout script in the checkout button of the plan.

  • Insert the Plan code in the Buy/Subscribe button, this needs to be done for each plan you have on your website, using the corresponding plan code from Chargebee.

The checkout button would be linked to the checkout and when clicked, the checkout popup will appear.

  1. Checkout API

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