How do I process transactions or plans through a specific gateway?

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Can I route certain transactions or plans to a specific gateway?


In Chargebee, you can configure specific gateways based on the payment method type like GoCardless, Stripe. However, you cannot route a certain plan to a specific gateway. For transactions, you can choose to designate a currency to a particular gateway using Chargebee’s Smart Routing feature

This feature lets you configure rules for automatically picking a gateway account that best suits your customer’s payment mode and currency.

To set up the Smart routing feature via the admin console, Go to Chargebee Dashboard, Settings > Payment Gateways > Smart Routing

To override the gateway Smart Routing via API, pass the gateway account associated with the payment method type using the gateway_account_id param in the API calls as listed here.

Note: If this value is not passed or null then, Chargebee will default to the automatic Smart Routing configuration enabled in the UI.

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