How to delete the personal data of my customers?

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I cannot clear my customer’s personal data. What’s causing this?

Why is the “Clear Personal Data” button not consistently available?


Chargebee is GDPR compliant. In addition to the GDPR settings, you can also choose to clear your customer’s data as required.

GDPR configuration will allow you to clear your customer data as per the settings configured. You can choose to have it automatically cleared or manually via API or UI using the Clear Personal Data option.

1. If you have set up GDPR to be cleared automatically it cannot be overridden via the UI or API
2. Manually clearing GDPR can only be possible when a subscription is in the Canceled

To manually clear customer’s data via Chargebee’s UI

To do this, Go to Chargebee Dashboard > Customers > Customer details page

Info: Only be available in the customer details page.

2. Via API - Using the “Clear Personal Data of a customer” option

Automatically clear customer records

Enable the Clear data automatically option to clear data of the customers who've canceled all their associated subscriptions. For example, if a customer has more than one subscription, under a customer record all the subscriptions should be canceled before a GDPR kicks in.

1. This action is irreversible. To know more about the settings, click here.
2. Changing the Data retention period will apply only to future cancellations. Existing scheduled clearing does not get affected. For example, if you have scheduled deletions on 15 Jul and change the Data retention period to Immediately on 20 Jul then this setting will be effective for the future deletions that are scheduled after 20 Jul. To request to clear the scheduled deletion, contact 

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