Can I let my customers set the Auto collection status at the self-serve portal?

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Can I default the site-wide Auto collection status setting to OFF?

How to change the Auto collection status of the subscription manually?


Chargebee does not allow your customers to control the Auto Collection status at the portal/checkout, it can only be controlled by the merchant from the UI or APIs.


You would need to update the status manually from either the UI or the using "Bulk Operations".

1. If you are doing the change via UI, Here are the steps -

  a) Open the subscription and click on the "Change" option beside the "Auto Collection" status -

2. If you are looking to change the Auto collection status of subscriptions in bulk, you can opt for our " Update Subscription for Items" Bulk Operation.

a) For this, you would need to take an export of the subscriptions with the "Auto collection" status as "On" and customers having a payment method.

Follow the below steps for the same -

Copy the "subscription_ID column from the susbcrpitions.csv file in the export.

b) Navigate to Settings > Import & Export Data > Choose a Bulk Operation and follow the below steps - 

On the next screen, you would get an option to download the sample CSV. Click on the below option to download it- 

This is the sheet that you would need to update the data. The below columns need to be updated. 

1. subscription[id] - copy it from the subscriptions.csv file from step 2 a) 

2. subscription[auto_collection] - OFF

Save the file and upload it on the same page where you downloaded the Sample CSV.

Do try the bulk operation with a sample subscription on your TEST site before going ahead on the LIVE.

3. Using API - You can also change the “Auto collection” status of the subscription using the “Override Billing Profile” API.

The API allows you an option to override the customer's auto-collection property.

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