Can I let my customers set the Auto collection status at the self-serve portal?

Modified on: Mon, 7 Sep, 2020 at 1:24 PM

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Can I default the site-wide Auto collection status setting to OFF?


Chargebee does not allow your customers to control the Auto Collection status at the portal/checkout, it can only be controlled by the merchant from the UI or APIs.

In Chargebee, the auto collection status of a customer is set to ON by default, while creating a customer & subscription record via Hosted Pages. 

If you wish to update the auto collection status, you could pass the auto-collection attribute as ON/OFF in your API call request. You can make these changes while creating a subscription or creating/updating a new customer through the UI or API.

Note: There is no setting in the Chargebee UI where you can set a site-wide default auto-collection. 

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