How to stop receiving fraud monitoring email notifications from Chargebee?

Modified on: Sun, 6 Sep, 2020 at 6:10 PM

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Is it possible to stop fraudulent emails sent out to a full group of people?

I want to disable fraudulent emails that I receive daily due to some spam/fraud issues that we're dealing with in Stripe. How to do this?


Stripe collectively analyses transactions using fraud monitoring algorithms(Stripe Radar), which is emulated by Chargebee, whenever a suspicious transaction is detected, Chargebee triggers a notification to merchants to take necessary action.

These emails can be configured to be sent to members in your organisation.

Stripe classifies them as fraud/safe transactions and communicates the same to Chargebee. This information is then passed on to merchants via emails.

Click here to know more about Chargebee's fraud monitoring.

To disable Fraudulent monitoring emails or restrict sending it to a particular person/group, Go to Chargebee Dashboard,


Chargebee Notifications

> Click Manage 

> Select email recipients 

> Click Apply Changes 

You can toggle the switch to Disable the email notifications.

Chargebee’s Leap UI

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