How to stop the invoice related notifications to child accounts?

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How to override the default settings at the Customer level in Account Hierarchy?


You will able to restrict sending Invoice or Subscription related emails to your child account if,

  1. The “Child Account Access” preference is set to Limited Access

  2. The “Choose the subscription-related emails they can receive” is set to None

  3. Your account settings are overridden at the customer level

To update the Account Hierarchy settings, Go to Chargebee Dashboard 


Configure Chargebee

> Billing LogIQ

> Customers & Subscriptions

> Account Hierarchy 

Child Account Access 

> Select None under “Choose the subscription-related emails they can receive”

> Click Apply

Chargebee Settings: Account Hierarchy


Overriding Customer Default Settings:

  1. You can allow your customers to be linked as a parent/child yet override the settings for specific subscriptions with the option Override Invoicing/Payment for Individual Subscriptions under Account Hierarchy settings. 

  1. Ensure you enable the override option before making changes to the preferences at the customer level, as disabling it will revert default settings and provide Full Access at the customer level which triggers invoices and email notifications to the child account.

    1. You will not be able to see the Edit option if the “Allow override at the Customer level” option is disabled.

To know more about this, 
see this video.

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