How to integrate a shortcode in a button in WordPress?

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What are the 'Deprecated shortcodes that are supported by Chargebee?


You can integrate shortcode as a button in your WordPress site in two ways: Use Checkout Subscription Shortcode in your WordPress site (or) Directly integrate Chargebee plans on your website using drop-in script method. 

Info: Chargebee’s drop-in script loads the checkout on clicking a button. This allows the Chargebee plans to pop up when a customer clicks the subscribe button on your website and proceeds to checkout on your web page itself.

Shortcode to use:

Account Portal : [cb_account_portal class="btn"]Account[/cb_account_portal]

Product Subscribe :  [cb_product_subscribe_hosted class="btn" product_id="cbdemo_grow"]Subscribe[/cb_product_subscribe_hosted]

Deprecated Shortcodes:

These shortcodes can be used in your posts/pages to setup restrictions or guide users to sign up:

  1. cb_login_form

  2. cb_registration_form

  3. cb_account_link

  4. cb_update_payment_method_form

  5. cb_product_subscribe

Here's more about our integration with WordPress.

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