LeadDyno: How to send the affiliate_token value via API when I create a subscription

Modified on: Sat, 5 Sep, 2020 at 12:32 PM

This article covers 

How to identify the affiliate id for my visitor?

Where can I retrieve the affiliate id?


If you are using Chargebee’s API to create a new customer and subscription you have to pass the affiliate_token field in the create subscription setup to complete the integration.

Info: Input LeadDyno Affiliate ID can be retrieved from LeadDyno's Javascript API as a parameter

Following are the steps to identify the affiliate id for the visitor: 

  1. Add drop-in script to set up visitor and conversion tracking

  2. Identify the Affiliate ID for the visitor using LeadDyno's Javascript library

  3. Pass the affiliate id to Chargebee Create subscription API 

    1. While calling Create Subscription API, pass the Affiliate ID as "affiliate_token"

  4. Configure webhooks to track any lead conversions or cancellations

To know more about LeadDyno <> Chargebee integration click here.

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