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Customer charged taxes when VAT number is present.Reverse charge did not apply.

How does Chargebee validate VAT numbers?

I want to tax my customer who has not validated his VIES. How to achieve this?

Chargebee is applying a reverse charge to a NO VIES customer. How to avoid this?


Chargebee uses VIES to validate a merchant’s VAT number. You can choose to perform EU VAT validation against your merchants VAT number on signup and renewal. You can toggle to enable or disable VAT validation under the tax region settings. 

If you haven’t enabled the VAT validation for the EU region then, Chargebee, will not validate the VAT number in the 3rd party system VIES and exempts the customer from taxes.

Note: VAT validation happens in the following instances:

1. Every 3 months
2. When the VAT number is added or updated

To enable the VAT validation rule in Chargebee for NO VIES customers Go to,


Configure Chargebee 

> Taxes 

Enable EU vat validation

1. Reverse charge will be applied for the customers from a different member state of the EU other than your organisation state if a VAT number is present in Chargebee. To know more click here.
2. T charges will not be applied if you have enabled “This customer is exempt from tax payment" under Customers >  Configuration 

Note: When VAT validation enabled will apply only to the upcoming invoices for new and existing customers.

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