Update your EU VAT number in Chargebee to avoid being charged EU VAT in your invoice

Modified on: Fri, 27 Jul, 2018 at 7:09 PM

If the business or organization address in your Chargebee account is based in the European Union, you will be charged an additional EU VAT in each invoice.

In order to avoid being charged EU VAT in your next invoice, you need to update your EU VAT number in your Chargebee account’s billing information to avoid being taxed EU VAT in your next invoice from us. If you have already updated your EU VAT registration number, please validate if the number is updated and valid, in order to be exempt from this charge.

What do you need to do?

Currently, if the business address you entered in Chargebee is in the EU we will use this information, including the VAT number, in your invoice. In the case that you don’t have a business address filled out, your organization address will be copied into your business address (including the EU VAT number), and you will be taxed accordingly. 

Note that if you have only specified your EU VAT number in your organization address, and this address is in a different country in the EU than the one in your billing address, we will not be able to copy your VAT number into your billing information.

If you have multiple Chargebee sites under your organization only the VAT number entered under your billing address in Chargebee will be considered. Any information entered in your organization address will not be carried into your billing information.

In either case, if the VAT number entered is invalid, you will be charged the tax amount as per the local EU VAT regulations in your invoice. 

Next Steps:

If you haven’t updated your VAT number yet, add it in your Billing Information section immediately. If you already have your VAT number updated in your portal, just verify that it’s the right one once again. 

Click on the drop down on the top-right side of your Chargebee site. Navigate to My Account > Subscription Details > Manage Account > Billing Information and update your VAT number there. 

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