I cannot transfer configurations from the Test site to Live site

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I am experiencing transfer configuration errors under Customer-facing essentials. How to resolve this?

I cannot transfer TAXES from my test site to the live site. 


You may observe a Transfer config error for if you haven’t complied with any one of the following checkpoints listed below. 

Make sure you have Admin access to both the sites

Make sure both sites are in the same data center (for example, both should be in US data center)

Note: Only site admins can transfer configurations from Test to Live site. 

  1. If you are a team member

    1. To perform this operation, request your admin to add you as a team member for the TEST and Live site by navigating to Chargebee Dashboard > Settings > Team Members > Modify Team Members > Edit/Change role to full access.

  2. If you don't have access to Chargebee 


Ensure the currencies configured in the Test site match with currencies on the Live site. 


  1. Check whether the configuration settings are the same in Test and Live sites. 

    1. For example, having the Dunning configuration settings enabled in Live but disabled in Test will not let you transfer configurations.

  2. Check whether the Action Emails are enabled on your test site. 

    1. You can view this under Chargebee Dashboard > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Standard emails & Custom Emails

  3. Check for Mails that are in draft state. The changes made should be either published or discarded.

  4. Ensure you use the same version of Action Emails. 

    1. Note: Manual emails will not be enabled on your live site by default. To know more click here. Contact support to get this enabled.

  5. Sync all changes with respect to "Sender Address" and Signatures setup across your email templates.

  6. Any Action Emails that are in the “scheduled state” is a pending action that restricts you to transfer configuration and requires backend action. Contact support for more details.

*Action emails - These are self-serve emails that let you send timely notifications and reminders to your customers on subscriptions, payment, etc.

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