How do I stop getting the daily digest email?

Modified on: Thu, 27 Aug, 2020 at 10:38 AM

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I want to manage who the Daily Digest email is sent to.

I scheduled the Daily Digest email to be sent to me. When can I expect it?

When do I get the Daily Digest Email? 


The daily digest email is sent out every day at 1 AM for your configured time zone which will contain a snapshot of Signups, Transactions, Sales & Refunds.

You can check your Live site’s timezone by navigating to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Business Profile 

The Daily Digest email is configured to be sent only to the Owner by default. To edit these preferences, you can navigate to Settings > Chargebee Notifications 

Here’s a screenshot to help:

You can choose to Stop the emails (
toggle to turn off/on) from being sent out or edit the recipients for the email (Manage)

Note: You can select the email to be sent to any user of choice. 

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