How to add notes to an invoice?

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How to add custom comments to an invoice?

Can I add notes to already generated invoices?


In Chargebee, invoice notes can be added at multiple levels.

  • Site-wide - to all invoices under the site

  • Customer-specific - to all invoices specific to a customer

  • Subscription-specific - to all invoices under a subscription

  • Invoice-specific - to individual invoices

Invoice notes will be added when the invoice is generated for the 1st time. It is not possible to add a note to an Invoice that is already generated or not in the current term. 

Tip: You can regenerate the invoice, for recently updated notes to populate in the current invoice.

  • To add notes at the site level

    Go to Chargebee Dashboard,

Configure Chargebee 
Invoices, credit notes, and quotes
> Click Invoices tab
> Navigate to
Invoice Notes
> Click Add
Enter the notes you wish to display on all your future invoices (This will be displayed in the PDF Invoices. You can also add HTML content here.)
> Click Apply changes

  • To add notes to a customer or a specific invoice

    Go to Chargebee Dashboard
          > Click to open the subscription/customer-specific record to which you want to add a note
          > Scroll down to the heading
    Invoice Note and click Add Note

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