I am not able to receive OTPs when I test the site using Time machine

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I am not able to receive emails when I test the site using Time machine


Chargebee lets you test several scenarios that involve customer end actions such as, Requesting a payment method, Bill Payments, etc. using the Time Machine feature. The Time Machine simulates traveling back and test renewals and time-bound scenarios, therefore it does not include generating emails or OTPs to your customers that require prompt delivery and immediate attention.


1. Emails that were scheduled for particular actions in the time machine will be logged in the system but not triggered or delivered. You can find these emails under Customers > click the specific customer record > scroll down > click the Emails tab. 

2. The OTP mails will not be seen or sent to the customer when you use Time Machine on Chargebee's site.

To test the customer portal while using the Time Machine,

Go to, Chargebee Dashboard,

Configure Chargebee

Checkout & Self-serve portal

Preview Checkout/Portal

> Click Portal

> Enter the email address

> Use 123456 as OTP

> Click Login

Here’s a video explaining the above action.

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