How to test Dunning using Time Machine

Modified on: Wed, 27 May, 2020 at 1:21 PM


Time Machine is an imitation feature that gives a birds-eye view on how billing configurations in Chargebee work. This feature allows you to test and understand how the configured features in your test site work in real-time.


Assume you want to test how a subscription gets reactivated without corresponding successful payment. To do this, 

  1. Log in to your test-account and then go into Chargebee's time machine.

  2. Make sure you take a back-up of the customer data and the related subscriptions as all the data gets erased when you enter the time machine.

  3. Once you enter the time machine, create a subscription with a valid card, and set the dunning settings according to your preference. 

  4. Once the subscription is created, the Invoice will be generated and will be marked as paid.

  5. Update the card to an invalid card and slide ahead in time by 4 months so that payment fails and the dunning attempts are exhausted. 

  6. Since the dunning attempts are exhausted, the subscription will be canceled and the invoice will be marked as not paid. You can also see in the customer's section that the "Total amount due" will be updated. 

  7. Add a valid card to the customer and slide ahead in time by a month or two, you can see that subsequent invoices are marked paid, whereas the "total amount due" stays as it is. Hence this amount needs to be collected manually.

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