My customer is unable to edit coupons in an “in-trial” subscription

Modified on: Mon, 20 Jul, 2020 at 11:48 AM

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The coupons that I added are not displayed under the customer portal in the plan during checkout. Why?


Making changes to trial subscriptions is possible with v3 modal checkout. You can enable or disable this from the portal settings however, this functionality is not supported in v2 or single page checkout.

Note: We recommend you switch to the latest v3 Checkout/portal option to enable this.

Changes supported in an in-trial subscription v3 

  • Add/Remove coupons

  • Add Recurring/Non-recurring addons

  • Add/Change the quantity

How to make changes to trial subscriptions for the display in the customer portal(in-app modal)

To do this Go to, Dashboard, 

> Settings 

Configure Chargebee 

Checkout and Self-serve portal 


> Enable “Allow customers to change subscriptions” 

> Apply subscription changes to Trial, Active 

> Click Publish to effect the changes.

You can see the changes that effect under the Preview option of Checkout/Portal.

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