Error: Record cannot be found

Modified on: Thu, 2 Jul, 2020 at 10:48 AM


This error is mostly experienced when you are in the process of migrating your existing gateway with new gateway credentials I gateway credentials are not linked to your Chargebee Live site.

For example, the payments that were previously processed by the gateway account 1 (old account), is now switched to a new gateway account 2 (new account) or to the card details have moved from account 1 to account 2.

In other words, this error is thrown when the record Chargebee is looking up, is not been found on the gateway that is configured. This could be of 2 scenarios 

  1. When the card details are not present/mapped in the newly connected gateway

  2. The connected gateway account does not have the card information (possibly in the process of migration)

Given the status of migration and conditions of this error, you can contact Chargebee’s support to clarify.

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