Changing the billing date to a different date

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What are the options available to change the next billing date? 

How will the change in Time zone impact the next billing date?

How to change a billing period in Chargebee?


In Chargebee, you can choose a different billing date from the default scheduled billing date using the Next Billing date option. This can be performed for a specific subscription or multiple subscriptions from UI & API. 

Once you change the billing date, the billing period will also be aligned respectively. 

For eg: 

Current billing term

Billing date: 21-Aug-2023 

Billing period: 21-Aug-2023 to 21-Sep-2023

New billing date: 31-Aug-2023

New billing period: 31-Aug-2023 to 30-Sep-2023


There are two options to perform this action and they are

Individual Subscription

1. Subscription details page

2. Change Term End API

Multiple Subscription

1. Subscription Index page

2. Bulk Operation


Individual Subscription

a. Subscription details page

You can change the billing date of your customers using the “Change term end” option. This will set a new next billing or renewal date for an existing subscription. 

For example: If the renewal date of your customer is 1st Apr 2020 and you want the date to be changed to Apr 15th, 2020 then, follow the steps as stated below. To reset or align the billing date again to 1st May 2020, repeat the steps again so that the term end will be on the 1st of every month. 

Note: When you use the change term-end action, all future renewals will be set to the new date. You can also choose to apply proration for the change based on your description, this will apply credits or charges to the customer for the extended or reduced billing period.

To make this change, Go to Chargebee Dashboard, Subscription Index Page > Select the subscription you want to extend > Click Change Next Billing date > Next Renewal date

Classic UI

Leap UI

Then choose Next Billing Date to select Prorate credits (if applicable) and Invoicing Options as per your business requirement and click Update

b. Change Term End API

Change Term End API: You can change the billing date/time of a subscription to postpone the date/time of renewal or bring it forward to suit the circumstance. If proration is enabled, then credits or charges are raised for the change. Further, when charges are raised, they may be invoiced immediately or added to unbilled charges.

Note: To change the billing date for multiple subscriptions, refer to this link for more information.

Only when the subscription is in Active state, the billing date/time of a subscription can be changed. 

In case of trial and future subscriptions, the billing date/time would not have been set for the subscription. Hence there will be option to only change the Trial end Date/time and the Start date/time of the subscriptions, respectively.

For non-renewing subscriptions, the billing date/time will not be set as the subscription will get canceled. Hence, there will be an option to change the cancellation date of the subscription.

Prorated credits or charges are applied to the subscription if the choice is made to do so.

Impact on the next billing date when Timezone is changed

The charging on Timezome for the site will not impact the existing next billing date as it's already scheduled to occur. This will impact the later renewal. 

For example:

If we are in Jan and the subscription's next billing date is on Feb 1st. Charging the time zone will have an impact on the March 1st renewal.

To change the next billing date for multiple subscriptions, refer to this link for more information.


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