Can I customize my invoice amount format?

Modified on: Wed, 27 May, 2020 at 2:43 PM

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Why my invoice amount is displayed as 1250,00€ and not as €1,250.00?


Chargebee adheres to the international currency format guidelines to display the currencies on the Invoices. The Multi-Language {I18N} feature of Chargebee stores the locale of your customer within the locale string at our end and displays the respective currency based format on the chosen display language that you have set for your customer on the checkout page.


For example, when customers from the Republic of Ireland subscribe to your service on our hosted page, we would be displaying the information in English (with the country locale code being: en-ie ) and the respective subscription amount would be displayed as €1,250.00


On the other hand, when french users sign up to your service { fr-fr }, the hosted page text information would be displayed in French and the currency format would be displayed as 1 250,00€


This is a default display that requires formatting the currency as per the locale standard and cannot be changed.

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