Subscription Status as Active when payment failed on renewal

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When a subscription’s invoice is going through the Dunning period the subscription status will be retained in the “Active” status. Click here for more on Dunning. Based on the Dunning Settings the Subscription status can be retained as “Active” or “Cancelled” after the Dunning Period is exhausted.

Note: Dunning kicks in in two cases,

When Auto collection is turned “ON” for a subscription and the initial attempt to collect the payment fails, (Or) when Auto collection is “OFF” and the invoice due date is posted.

In the above two cases the subscription status remains “Active” throughout the dunning process. Chargebee will retry to collect the payment and send an email to your customer informing them about the failed payment once the dunning process is over.

In the above image, the dunning is set for a total of 10 days, and frequency is set as "1,4,7,8 and 9 days" which means the invoice will be marked as "not paid" once the dunning attempts are exhausted and the subscription will be canceled.

What happens when dunning expires 

On completion of Dunning, the subscription’s last action can be set to 

  1. Cancel - where no further renewals will take place


  1. Retained as Active where it will renew as scheduled and new invoices will be generated (subject to payment collection)

You can collect the outstanding invoices of your customers using the “Request Payment” option before reactivating their canceled subscriptions.

You can replicate this scenario, by testing with a bad payment method using our Time Machine feature in your test site.

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